"Artist Earth"

Thank you so much David. Your presentation was impressive. You were organized and very clear and what you said was useful. I was impressed with the range of what you covered in a short time without being overwhelming. I think that was because you had pared it down to very simple explanations so it could be taken in. I appreciated your sending along a copy of your outline. You had a good combination of tools, techniques and images.

Ann Kuehner
Rockland Camera Club


"Wild About Wildlife"

On behalf of all of us in NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee, I want to thank you for your inspiring and informative presentation to us last Wednesday, May 27. Your show, Wild about Wildlife, treated our members to an exciting evening of wildlife photography and instruction that inspired our members. Your presentation was a complete success! Our members peppered you with a wide range of questions. We appreciated your thoughtful answers and we were sorry to see the evening end! Many of our members came up to tell me how great your show was.

Your show appealed to us on many levels. It gave all of us ideas to apply to our own nature photography, especially the "4 Ps." We also appreciated your talk of the NANPA ethics for photographing wildlife. Your example of the over stressed foxes in the parking lot was very vivid. You have given us so much to think about!

Charles Dexter
NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee

"Composition in Photography"  2016 Annual NECCC Conference

​One of my favorite lectures was David DesRochers’ Composition class. He taught us that in order to have a good composition in an image, you need to pay attention to the following elements: Color, Depth of Field, Light, Lines, Patterns, Perspective, Shapes & Space, and Texture.  Read More